Access Consciousness body processes are processes where specific energies are run to free the body from different traumas of the past that doesn’t allow us to be completely healthy, limiting us from choosing something different by constantly functioning from protection, danger and fear, even when it is no longer necessary.


A Body process gradually undoes the shield that does not allow us to receive more from the universe.


The Access Consciousness Bars is an energetic process that consists of touching 32 points on the head that store the electrical and energetic charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments, decisions, beliefs in any area that are keeping you or your body stuck. Some of these points include Healing, Money, Body, Time, Hopes, Control, Joy, Sadness, Awareness, Creativity, Aging, etc.

Our minds are often referred to as computer. What if the Bars™ actually are the push button equivalent of clicking the trash icon on your computer? Would you be willing to receive more space for the things you really desire in life and let go of the trash that is no longer working?

Having your bars run allows your brain and your heart to enter a coherence that extends your abilities of perception, communication, creativity and learning.



It is a process that is aimed at the immune system and improves the body in general, is one of the most versatile and complete processes.  This changes the valence of your molecules so that they can release toxins, viruses, bacteria and energetic views that are stuck in different parts of your body.



Remove from the body the imitations and limitations we take from others. How much are you imitating your parents, family, friends, bosses, etc?  This process is wonderful because it eliminates all that mimicry that you have done throughout your life to adapt to the social structure that surrounds you to fit and being accepted.  It is one of the most liberating processes, your body begins to change even physically.



It helps tissue regeneration and trauma removal.  If you had any physical or surgical injury it helps to regenerate much faster.  If you had any impact on your past (even other lives) Maybe the physical  has healed but sometimes the memory of your cells is still holding that energy and therefore is a tendency to create from that impact.  This process reminds cells that to go back to their original structure.



What are you refusing to see?  Whose eyes are you imitating?  What do you really want to see?  This process, in addition to helping to improve the sight physically, also activates the ability of vision as perception.  It also helps eliminate traumatic images that you have received either real or fictional, violent flashes, etc.  You will leave this session with a different vision in every way that you will discover little by little.



This is a wonderful natural way to rejuvenate face and eyes, reversing the appearance of aging and creating similar effects throughout the body.  In this treatment different frequencies of energy are used to heal the body and skin.  Reverse the effects of aging, free traumas, activate cellular memory and release the layers of judgments and points of view of our body, so that it looks and feels younger!


When you give your body the opportunity to receive body processes you will experience changes by releasing what does not belong to you. Allowing a different perception of life that will expand and empower areas in your life like relationships, money, body, health and much more.










30 min $105.00

60 min  $185.00

90 min  $265.00

Additional travel fee for in-home* treatments: $25.00 (only if more than 15 miles) 

* Please make sure to provide a comfortable and soothing environment with space for a massage table to create a more relaxing experience.