Performance Alchemy
5 week program

This program is aimed for those who are seeking to improve their performance, increase their energy levels and have a greater understanding of themselves as a
wholebeing. The Five Week program combines tools to help you to follow your knowledge and choose possibilities outside the box to transform your life and shift your emotions. Combined with the science validated by HeartMath®. This is a personalized training plan to help you self-regulate your STRESS levels and make better decisions in the moment and over time that with consistent practice will create a more effective and efficient way of responding to previous triggers, programs, and belief systems that keep you stuck recreating similar situations over and over again.


  • ​​Do you have the feeling that an area of your life is “out of balance?

  • Is something keeping you up at night?  

  • Have you experienced stress-related symptoms? Like high blood pressure, chest pain, poor digestion, headaches, frustration, anxiety, low libido, sadness, exhaustion, overwhelm, loneliness, guilt, burn out...

  • Do you feel like in your professional life you're at a crossroads?

  • Do you have the sensation that your relationships are shifting or filled with strained communication?

  • Have you lost your purpose or meaning in life?

If so... this program is for You.

In this program you will receive the tools to self regulate to to achieve a personal coherent state on demand. This state will help you to be prepared, recover and adapt in stressful situations, but also to change all those energies to make transformations in different areas of your life.


Some of the benefits you can have by following this program are; more consciousness, increased energy, clear thinking, enhanced immune-system function and hormonal balance in a physical level, in general you will start choosing and creating a different life if you choose.

This is a 5 week program with a once a week meeting commitment of  a 60 to 75 minutes of individual coaching via zoom or Skype unless otherwise agreed.

The results of this program

are science based and they will depend on the consistency and application of the tools by the participant.

The cost of this program is $950 UDS

Follow up sessions are available and are optional for participants of the program

For up to one year at the price of $200 for a 60 to 75 minute session.