The Resilience Advantage™

Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

For the staff of nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies, including schools, universities, community and social-service agencies, government institutions, hospitals, clinics and health-care companies and agencies.

Numerous independent, peer-reviewed studies have validated significant and sustained improvements such as reduced stress, improved employee health, well-being and communication, lower health-care costs, shorter meeting times and increased productivity and resilience. Benefits of this training include better sleep, more creative decision-making, improved teamwork and morale and greater ability to effectively deal with difficult people, deadlines and other challenging situations.


















* Understanding Resilience and its importance 
* Domains of Resilience, Energy Management and its effects on Performance
* Depleting and Renewing Emotions and its Impact
* Physiology of Coherence and Optimal Functioning
* Depletion to Renewal™ Exercise
* Heart Rate Variability and emWave Technology Demo
* Building and Sustaining Resilience
* Practical Intuition and types of Intuition (And how to increase access...)
* Relational Energetics
* Energetics of Communication
* Establishing a new Baseline and Action Plan for going forward

HeartMath Tools Learned:
* Heart-Focused Breathing™ Technique
* Quick Coherence® Technique
* Inner-Ease™ Technique
* emWave® / Inner Balance™ Technology
* Prep - Shift and Reset - Sustain Technique
* Freeze Frame® Technique
* Deplete to Renewal™ Grid
* Coherent Communication™ Technique
* Heart Lock-In® Technique

You will receive a certificate upon completion from HeartMath Institute for your attendance.


Two day 6 hour workshop

The Intelligence of the Heart 


Learn how the heart has the ability to reboot your human operating system. Although scientists focus on the intelligence of the human brain, it seems that your brain is a minor player. The heart has a separate intuitive intelligence.


By accessing this Intelligence you can live in a State of Flow, Create Vibrant Health, More Loving Connections With Others, and a Deep Sense of Purpose in Your Life.


Practicing science-based techniques can increase heart coherence and one’s ability to self-regulate emotions from a more intuitive, intelligent and balanced inner reference. This also explains how coherence is reflected in our physiology and can be objectively measured.


Maintaining a state of coherence can help you



  • Heal and energize your mind, body and spirit

  • Lower stress (the root cause of disease)

  • Increase mental clarity and performance

One hour introductory workshop

Taller Coherencia del Corazón

En este taller aprende que cuando el corazón y la mente trabajan en forma conjunta es posible accesar a una inteligencia superior para el manejo de tu vida, tus decisiones y tu energía. Descubre cómo el corazón tiene la capacidad de reiniciar el sistema operativo humano.

Aprenderás como la practica de estas técnicas basadas en la ciencia, te ayudaran a aumentar la coherencia cardiaca para tener la capacidad de auto regular tus emociones desde una referencia interna más intuitiva, inteligente y equilibrada que con practica constante puede tener un impacto muy beneficioso en tu fisiología.

Algunos beneficios de los ejercicios de coherencia cardiaca.


- Apoyan a sanar y energizar tu mente, cuerpo y espíritu

- Reducen el estrés (la causa raíz de toda enfermedad)

- Aumentan la claridad mental y el rendimiento físico diario


Miles de personas ya se han beneficiado de la coherencia cardíaca y afirman que, gracias a estas técnicas, son capaces de gestionar el estrés, las emociones y manejar su energía de una manera más inteligente.

Three hour workshop

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