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This program is aimed at those seeking to improve their performance, increase their energy levels, and have a greater understanding of themselves as a whole being.


The five-week program combines HeartMath®-validated science and tools to help you follow your knowledge and choose innovative possibilities to transform your life and your reality.



Some of the benefits of this training include improved sleep, more creative decision making, improved teamwork, and an increased ability to deal effectively with difficult people, deadlines, and other challenging situations.



With this training you will learn a set of skills that will allow you to transform your energy with heart-centered practices.


As you increase heart-brain coherence, you train your stress response, the key to sustainable behavior change and resilience.


People around the world who practice these tools report a greater sense of self-confidence, calm and composure, along with more intuitive abilities and greater insight in decision-making.



Still others report experiencing a deeper connection to "who they really are" and an increased and better focused energy on things they truly value and enjoy.

Cost $950 UDS

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