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FREE EVENT: 5 days in Coherence

Facilitates Ruth Galván HeartMath Certified Trainer

Date: From September 12 to 16


On a daily basis, people show very important oscillations in our personal energy, changes that translate into different emotional states such as frustration, anger, fear, etc.

Neuroscience has discovered that by sustaining cardiac coherence levels, an optimal state can be achieved in the body and mind, a key state to be more and better prepared for any external circumstances.

In these 5 days of Coherence we will explore together these changes that will open the door to this state of cardiac coherence where many things are possible without much effort.

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International Certification of Access Bars
Facilitates Ruth Galván Access Consciousness CFMW & BF ​

Saturday 24th September 2022, Marin County, California

For payment
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