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Resilience Advantage™ Training

For staff of nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses, including schools, universities, community and social service agencies, government institutions, hospitals, clinics, and health care businesses and agencies. Numerous independent, peer-reviewed studies have validated significant and sustained improvements, such as reduced stress, improved employee health, well-being, and communication, lower healthcare costs, shorter meeting times, and increased productivity and resilience. Benefits of this training include better sleep, more creative decision making, improved teamwork and morale, and an increased ability to deal effectively with difficult people, deadlines, and other challenging situations.


* Understanding Resilience and its importance

* Domains of Resilience, Energy Management and its effects on Performance

* Exhausting and renewing emotions and their impact

* Physiology of Coherence and Optimal Functioning

* Depletion to Renewal™ Exercise

* Heart rate variability and emWave technology demonstration

* Build and maintain resilience

* Practical Intuition and types of Intuition (And how to increase access...)

* Relational Energetics

* Energetics of Communication


Establish a new baseline and an action plan to move forward HeartMath Tools Learned:

* Heart Centered Breathing™ Technique

* Quick Coherence® technique

* Inner-Ease™ Technique

* emWave®/Inner Balance™ Technology

* Prep - Shift and Reset - Sustain Technique

* Freeze Frame® technique

* Exhaust Renewal™ Grid

* Coherent Communication™ Technique

* Heart Lock-In® Technique Upon completion, you will receive a certificate from the HeartMath Institute for your attendance. Two-day 6-hour workshop

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