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Holistic therapies San Francisco Bay Area

My name is Ruth Galván and for many years I have dedicated myself to being a massage and energy therapy therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years I have integrated different tools in my sessions.


I realized that a therapeutic massage opens a door to relaxation where for a few moments we can connect with our being through our body. I always wondered how it would be that all the time we could be in that state?


It was when my curiosity led me to learn different techniques to relax the nervous system in different ways through consciousness. When we control our brain wave patterns we can make our central autonomic nervous system work in our favor, reaching a state where it is possible to make changes and eliminate beliefs and patterns that do not work for us.


When we are connected with consciousness


We can change everything! that is the magic of your being.


Through my experience I share different scientifically proven tools for you to reach a state of coherence where everything is possible if you choose it!


In my sessions I use the tools that I have acquired over the years, such as: Heartmath Institute Certified Trainer, CFMW of Access Consciousness and practitioner of Quantum Resonance.


I have years of knowledge and experience in the area of ​​mental health and personal development working one on one with private clients and as a Peer provider in organizations.


If you really want to make changes in your life and your reality, I can support you!



 In my sessions for bodies I use different modalities to dissipate muscular contractures and stress. In each session I like to listen to the information that the client gives me and what their body tells me to create a session where great changes can occur, creating more space and mobility in both the body and the mind.


En mis sesiones para cuerpos utilizo diferentes modalidades para disipar contracturas musculares y estrés. 


Personal session Face-to-face or online


My sessions facilitate changes in people's reality by creating more awareness of those areas and situations that are stagnant or do not create the greatest for your life. ​


Through different techniques and tools, an energetic space is opened where the person realizes that they can choose something different and begin to create a greater life than what they were choosing until today.

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