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Space Clearing

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A space energetic clearing is performed to release all kinds of memories that have been housed on an etheric level.


In an energetic clearing of a space, the energetic contamination that exists in a place, house, business or land, is eliminated and released. A space can be energetically polluted by external elements such as deceased beings who have not yet choose to go to the light, low vibration energies brought by outsiders or even poorly rated energies from the building also neighboring buildings could be affecting the space.  


A space can also be affected by the energy of the inhabitants and by the experiences that have taken place there and that are recorded in the energetics of the place.


It is important to do an energy clearing when we buying or renting a space, since all the energy of the ancient inhabitants and their experiences remain there.


Doing an energetic clearing restores the vital energy to the space, so that the people who inhabit the space enjoy more being there, regain strength, joy and have a better rest.


In a business an energy clearing removes everything that blocks the entry of abundance and prosperity.


 When is important to consider doing an energetic clearing?


* If there are many arguing or fights for no apparent reason among the members of the place.

* If there is "heavy weather" even when you ventilate frequently.

* The plants, despite being cared for, become sick or dry.

* Electrical appliances break down or break frequently just like light lamps.

* You have problems with water: lack, faucet leaks, small floods ...

* There has been some very serious discussion, an accident, theft or sudden death.

* You feel discomfort, as if there is something causing rejection and anxiety.

* You feel presences or shadows, nauseating odors without identifiable origin or strange noises.

* You are in a bad mood every time you come to the space.

* When you are in the place, it seems as if you have no energy, as if something was taking it from you.

* Things that move or break without anyone touching them.

* You hear someone in the family calling and no one has.

* No one enters your business or sales have decreased considerably.

* When a property or land has not been sold after much effort

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