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3 week group program


Self-regulation tools for Managing your stress and your Energy

Do you feel drained, anxious and stressed?

Do you have the feeling that some area of ​​your life is out of balance?

Is there something that keeps you awake at night?

Have you experienced stress-related symptoms? Like high blood pressure, chest pain, poor digestion, headaches, frustration, anxiety, low libido, sadness, exhaustion, overwhelm, loneliness, guilt, burnout...

Do you feel that in your professional life you are at a crossroads?

Do you feel like your relationships are changing or filled with strained communication?

Do you feel that your purpose or meaning in life is not the same?


This class is for you!

In this three-part workshop you will learn different techniques and very simple tools that will support you not only in the current situation but for the rest of your life (if you apply them) to maintain a state of calm and to respond more effectively in times of stress. crises and in unexpected situations. Impacting the environment in a more nutritious and effective way.

This program combines different self-regulation and self-knowledge tools to access your consciousness and the science validated by HeartMath® in a self-training plan to help you regulate your STRESS level and to make better decisions in times of crisis, than with the Time and constant practice will create a more effective and efficient way of responding to triggers, programs and established belief systems that make us react and always choose more of the same.


This workshop consists of 3 sessions of 60 to 75 minutes.

For more information by inbox or 1 415 419 6355 by WhatsApp:

or send an email to:

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WORKSHOP The intelligence of the heart
One hour introductory workshop.

Learn how the heart has the ability to reboot its human operating system.

Although scientists focus on the intelligence of the human brain, it seems that your brain is a minor player. The heart has a separate intuitive intelligence. By accessing this intelligence, you can live in a state of flow, creating vibrant health, more loving connections with others, and a deep sense of purpose in your life.


Practicing science-based techniques can increase the coherence of the heart and the ability to self-regulate emotions from a more intuitive, intelligent and balanced internal reference.


This also explains how coherence is reflected in our physiology and can be measured objectively.

Maintaining a state of consistency can help you:

Heal and energize your mind, body and spirit.

Reduce stress (the root cause of the disease).

Increase mental clarity and performance.

Price: 25 USD

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Online Heart Coherence Workshop

In this two-hour workshop, learn that when the heart and mind work together, it is possible to access a superior intelligence to manage your life, your decisions, and your energy. Discover how the heart has the ability to reboot the human operating system.

You will learn how the practice of these science-based techniques will help you increase cardiac coherence to have the ability to self-regulate your emotions from a more intuitive, intelligent and balanced internal reference that with constant practice can have a very beneficial impact on your physiology.

Some benefits of cardiac coherence exercises.

- Help heal and energize your mind, body and spirit

- Reduce stress (the root cause of all disease)

- Increase mental clarity and daily physical performance


Thousands of people have already benefited from cardiac coherence and claim that, thanks to these techniques, they are able to manage stress, emotions and manage their energy in a more intelligent way.

Two hour online class via Zoom

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